Paing Phyoe Thu said she competed in Artists Garden program her best whether she was selected or not. She prepared everything for that program as well before she goes. She feels so happy after she is selected and she has mentors who will show her the best way. She has three years contract with Artist Garden program and she is pleased with terms and conditions of contract. She thinks those are for her  good and she will observe them. 

Paing Phyoe Thu will be acting in “Classical Beauty of Myanmar Rama” movie series about Ramayana and she will act as Art University student in that movie. She read the books about Ramayana since three months ago to prepare for that movie. She said she had been read about a book about Ramayana written by Author Chit Oo Nyo before and she likes it. She prepares for acting as burmanized and stubborn lady in that movie. 

Paing Phyoe Thu said she is very happy to be an actress in such movie. Although she is fashionable actress, she likes to wear traditional dresses. That movie series will be arranged and directed by Director Zaw Zaw and script writer for that movie is Author Chit Oo Nyo.

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