Su Wa Di was noticed from ‘Before Wake Up From Nightmare’ movie series broadcasted by Studio 35 in 2007 and she has contract with MRTV-4 for ‘Person of outstanding attainments’ movie series. Although her acting skill not good, her movie shooting is not much.

Su Wa Di started her career life as leading actress in Studio 35 and she acted with Korean actress together. She does not do movie shooting either with other outside production companies or not getting good role in movie. However she acted as supporting actress for top role in movie when she got offers from some movie directors. It is not easy to get better role to act in movie produced by outside production companies. Director Wyne and Kyi Phyu Shin offered her better role. She selected movies to act very carefully so that it is seen that she is not doing movie shooting not much. She worries if she would accept every roles, her fans feel stale about her. Some audiences said she is not forwarding that much even she is good at acting. She blamed on karma about audiences comments but she is going forward slowly and regularly. She is walking rhythmically in the field so that it is seen she is late. Different person has different reason and no works success easily. Taking more time could make better foundation. She believes that karma will on her side as long as she is not giving up and working passionately. Some person may reach forward because they have strong financial background.

Su Wa Di is stronger in acting in drama and she also knows how to act as comedy characters. She prefers drama character and she will try to able to act as multi characters. There is no exact time line for contract with MRTV-4 and she will have contract with MRTV-4 as long as she is convenient to work with MRTV-4. The movie series she acted was very first one. Movie series make keep in touch with audiences rather than video movies. The audiences who are not watching video movies, movie series are more convenience for them. She also has plans to do video shooting with MRTV-4. Movie series shooting of ‘Person of outstanding attainments’ will take five months for her.

Su Wa Di is niece of Director Hein Soe and he taught her acting skills. He often gives her opportunities to act as good role in movies. She conveys the message that she is trying to present her best skills to audiences who do not know her and who know her. She requested to audiences keep supporting her and there is no Su Wa Di without supporting from audiences.

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